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Before Age and Origin of the Human Species

The newest studies and comments by such renowned researchers as Tishkoff, Stringer, Wolpoff, Jorde, Kidd, Hagelberg, Harpending, Awadalla, Mountain (and dozens of other eminent scientists) published in the most prestigious journals, indicate:

1) Eurasian origin for modern humans, (Homo sapiens sapiens)
2) extensive interbreeding with Homo erectus and archaic sapiens, leading to
3) extant, hybridized populations whose characteristics reflect that ancestry

Analysis of genetic data falsifies the hypothesis that an "African Eve" was associated with the origin of modern humans, as well as claims that modern humans originated in and radiated "Out of Africa". Age & Origin of the Human Species was published in the December 2000 issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Mankind Quarterly.

12/11/03 -
Plural Lineages in the Human mtDNA Genome NEW research CORROBORATES the view advanced in Age & Origin, that modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) originated in EURASIA. Plural Lineageswas published in the spring 2004 edition of The Occidental Quarterly.

01/04/04 - IN MY OPINION Feldman MISREPRESENTS data in January 2004 DISCOVER.

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Speculations on Speciation

Australian Ancestry: Implications for H. s. sapiens Origin